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Dorothy Terry attended several of my advanced writing classes at The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. It was evident from the beginning that she was an accomplished poet, and I could do little but encourage her to first publish her poems then gather them into books. Most accomplished poets achieve some success in time. Some do not.

Dorothy, now in her 80s, has been writing extraordinary poetry for much of her life. Her work does not come easy at first reading but exhibits a commanding artistry of thought and language equal to some of our best poets. She remains ‘outside’ most literary journals and small presses. Some writers eventually give up, write solely for themselves.

Part of my mission as a small press publisher is to rescue talent like hers from obscurity. Given my time and limited financial resources, there’s little I can do but depend on a small band of good readers and writers to see that poets like Dorothy achieve some recognition. A beautiful but limited edition of only 250 copies of this, her first major book, is all I can do. And what a good book it is. What a time she has captured (1930s to the present) with such perfect poetic pitch…perceptions and feelings that reverberate long after her words leave the page and harbor within.

Your support of the press and the poetry of Dorothy Terry would be greatly appreciated. She deserves a readership beyond the desk drawer. — Norbert Blei

CROSS + ROADS PRESS P.O. Box 33, Ellison Bay, Wl 54210

Dorothy Terry is a Chicago area poet. She currently lives in Wilmette, Illinois with her cat Hermione.

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