mike klumpp | name dropping – america bukowski and me | a bad drug induced dream

name dropping – america bukowski and me

if i had drank
and spilled myself forward
into time’s zero gravity
the loving eyes of a dog lipped girl
kissing me in morning
while i wonder
how to climb past her and forget

then i would wander the empty
sunday morning street
back to my one room
slatted and leaking cheap rent by the week home
(neon and shattered dreams)
cursing the face of bukowski
lying down to drown in the brown mucous of empathy
curled in a knot
pained and pathetic
a whimper

i would rise again
to leaf through new days
lie to new women
drink to new gods
and pretend that
charles bukowski and i
were freinds

this and the blessing of forgetfulness
become my bliss

tip the waitress for me, will ya’

a bad drug induced dream

there is a dry heat
which comes from a space heater
and an orange light
like a heavy hue
over the darkness

and i can see her eyes
nothing else
but her eye
and they move and change
inside a kaleidoscope

i had a dream
filled with demons
eating a corpse
supping on its crooked grey penis

they looked up as i woke
wondering how i crossed from world to world
asleep and awake at the same time
dreaming in both worlds
attacked and attached
to each nightmarish

the demons looking at me
and of course
i looked back
wishing to also be eating the dead

it was the opium

my poor nephew is dying
drug addicted
and gone.

Mike is currently the senior pastor of Bible Fellowship Church of Dighton, Kansas. BFC Dighton represents Mike’s fourth pastorate. Mike has also worked with youth, inmates, street gangs, bikers and artists on the streets of cites like New Orleans, Chicago and Dallas. Mike has worked in Europe teaching in schools of the arts and working with families. Mike has worked in Kenya and Uganda in missions serving the victims of HIV and AIDS.More on Mike can be found on his web site by clicking here…

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