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Gentleman (?):
I’ve been informed by a mutual acquaintance that your gallery is looking for an otherwise healthy two-headed calf for exhibition. I think I may be able to assist, although I would need your prior guarantee that the animal(s) was/were not shown for the amusement of your patrons and that it/they would not be baited or humiliated or stared at for any amount of time extending beyond two minutes (as this seems sufficient for viewing and protecting the animal(s)’ dignity. Coincidentally, I had placed a want notice in a few local newspapers out west for just such an item animal and received two replies, one from Wyoming and one from Nebraska. The farmers are awaiting my response. I suggest you place the animals(s) in a pen surrounded by mirrors, as this will give viewers ample exposure as well as amplify the polycephaly. Perhaps, a billboard with a brief history of the condition might recommend itself. You may want to discuss the mythology of the ancient Greeks’ Typhon & Cerberus, the Hindus’ Ravana, the Romans’ Janus (needless to say), and such creatures beings as Orochi, Zmey Gorynych, & Svetovid. These are merely suggestions, as I am not a curator by trade, but a barber.

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