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Notes to Earthlings

(I) Sonata

When the tide retires
and the clouds dissipate
French horns are played

Isaac B. Singer said
men who butcher animals
are Nazis (that’s that)

(II) Rondo Form

dogs are gassed or euthanized
every howling hour

The cows throat is slit
and it hangs upside down
bloodless it still lives

Pig factory
a young one dies
covered with flies

Pigs castrated
without anesthetic
the meat it’s said is fatty

It’s throat slit
the pig struggles
blood steams like a hot iron

some chickens are clubbed
some are thrown against a wall
then stomped upon

(III) Scherzo

Your new shiny shoes
Your sleek leather jacket
A cow in India murdered

cage madness
the fox, the wolf, the raccoon
can expect anal electrocution

at the circus
the elephant kills three men

(IV) Variations

Taking slices of monkey’s brains
Exposing dogs to radiation

“As long as there are slaughterhouses,
there will be battlefields.”
Leo Tolstoi

A live stray dog
tossed into a dumpster
the compactor starts moving

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  1. Thank you, Dennis.
    Have a look at the full movie, Earthlings; it’s on line for free; very difficult and painful to watch though, I have to warn you.

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