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Rebel Poet Kenneth Patchen takes the stage with two of his classic working-class poems of love and rebellion. “The Orange Bears” in his voice and “May I Ask You a Question, Mr. Youngstown Sheet and Tube” are give images and sounds in this fine film by Tom Koba and Larry Smith. The longer 30 minute films are now available as DVD from Bottom Dog Press,

I am the world-crier, and this is my dangerous career…I am the one to call your bluff, and this is my climate,

so declares rebel-poet Kenneth Patchen, and few would doubt the engaged stance of his bold art. The author of 38 books of daring poetry, fiction, and art, Patchen is widely praised as a creative genius and maverick. The film shows his evolution from his working-class roots in Ohio’s industrial Mahoning River Valley of the 1920’s, and follows him and his beloved wife Miriam through their years in Greenwich Village and San Francisco. His is the provocative position of an engaged poet, fiction writer, artist, and jazzman.

The film was supported by grants from the Ohio Humanities Council and the Ohio Arts Council and features the film work of Tom Koba and Larry Smith. A Koba and Smith Production

DVD 44 mins. Full Color Hi-Fi Stereo $16.00This film is available by clicking here…

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