ron whitehead | etching ourselves into being

Ron Whitehead | Photo by Jinn “Bug” Fuller – Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5.

etching ourselves into being

let us dear sweet beloved let us
start now in this breatless moment
this fleeting already forever gone
moment eternal presences every
breath the last eternal presences
every moment the last beloved
dearest sweetest lover we’ve
already gone vanishing vanishing
gone breath breate deep relax hold
briefly slowly sweet lotus rose ah
aha your lotus rose scented sensuous
breath hair your translucent lotus rose
petal incense sandalwood soft nature
scented sensual sandalwood incense
sandals wood barefoot walking wandering
sandy beaches wild grass snake charmers
we lotus poppie rose petal shanai cobra
rattlesnake charmer mesmerizers dance
at our feet cobra rattlesnake shanai dance
swoop weave make love birth blue racers
shanai whirling hypnotic spice cobra
rattlesnake blue racer charmers we be
real magic spice eyes turquoise desert
sea see deep into our eyes believe we
are we be lotus poppie rose petal incense
candles aromaed ah aha yes we drift float
down down gently caress down rose aroma
erogenous zones all bleed rose petals heart
flowers bloom wild roses fill the room
pandemonium wild roses full whirling
dervish wild roses dance over round
pandemonium shanai cobra rattlesnake
blue racer midnight full flush labia shanai
pulsing labia pandemonium lotus moon
full wet throbbing dripping moaning singing
egyptian moroccan desert moon sands
oasis crystal clear water coconuts palm trees
palms sweat wet naked desert breeze gentle
moaning her pulsing moon full night we waltz
down the holy mountain down we go van gogh’s
almond petals soft breeze waltz go down the
mountain oasis bound your crystal river found
we swim there naked rose beings translucent
night caress the full moon shines through us
dive further waltz on down kiss the scented wet
air between rainbow thighs we dance the eros
thanatos bone dance of love of death death lovers
bone woman bone man we dance circles round
your subterranean almond lotus poppie rose
labia layered meditation pool of garden love
we waltz the first the last supper last supper
voluptuous meal crumbling we whisper down
whisper strange flower words never heard
nor spoken ever before we love whisperers
we don’t know this strange fruit ripe language
love overflows your labia drips runs to our
toes into desert sands oasis mysterium land
this occult unknown language dark undiscovered
till now our hearts explorers scouts fearlessly
going beyond all boundaries seeking finding
new languages love our hearts cry tears rivers
of pain of ecstasy of joy happiness beyond
all measure meer dan woorden indeed pools
emerge our hearts converge our rivers now
a pearled sea translucent moondance mystery
rhythmed palm trees breathe sway waltz this
fleeting orchestral pandemonium nature symphony
night gone moment night bright undecipherable
language poems songs words fractaled fragments
six foot womanly vases with bird and animal heads
dance waltz the night only our hears comprehend
the deep significance of this unknown dream tongued
beauteous desert night oasis pandemonium full
palm tree almond lotus poppie rose petaled sandalwood
incense pulsing labia desert night now no words no
whispers aboriginal indigenous i kiss i lick your leprosy
i eat i drink your sins on this desert night we come clean
we communicate telepathically through the deep pooled
touch of our broken fingers with blind eyes we know
understand this strange language our hearts speak dance
our twisted fingers bleeding tongues move waltz without
speaking uttering blind we see clearer than ever we feel
without touching deaf we listen hear without hearing and
though we stand apart two souls singing hearts two bodies
two beings we are more one than any two have ever one
been one one almond lotus poppie rose petal drift waltz
gentle touch fleeting breath kiss salty sea spring breeze
let go release your last gasp pink breath let go gently
go now this moment gone the time finally arrived closing
time come birthing breathing gasping living the journey
dying vanishing here gone here what terrible beauty hold
me let go hold me stay i love you goodbye dark blue
mystery paradox river alchemical crucible ferrymother
ferry flow river of fire go synchronous moment gone dear
sweet beloved lover friends let us join hands begin love
arms love embrace dance breathe softly whisper breathe
gasp gasp sing sing whisper poem song lullabies rejoice
redemption resurrection songs rejoice beloved celebrate
break empty wine glasses bottles celebrate every fleeting
moment this precious bejeweled final fleeting levitating
naked over the open sarcophagus upper chamber of the
great crystal tipped golden pyramid already gone bone dust
dance now oh gift of life here gone lightning waltz slowly
never touching the floor let us sweetly hold each other
gently kiss drink the holy sacred wedding feast red wine
from our tender pale pink red lips the kiss eros thanatos
let us etch ourselves in this final already gone closing time
last waltz last call last dance drink savor this purple sunrise
angel song kiss last holy ghost spirit chant sacred dance
the last kiss a breathless gasping moment let us etch ourselves
disappearing lines molecules atoms energy patterns whirling
sufi dancing love lighting up dark space heavens rainbow
night let us dance etch ourselves into being let us explode
one last time stars we are lightning lightening the night sky
let us dance be take my hand let us dance dance my dearest
sweetest almond lotus poppy rose petal darling i love you
let us dance into and beyond the night waltz embrace waltz
without touching the desert floor let us kiss softly the last kiss
as we sail on sail on beyond all beyonds cross all deserts all
seas together sail on sail on sweet rose i love you sail on

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