ron whitehead | zero tolerance, a sermon

zero tolerance, a sermon

it’s too late to go off the grid well
the last final closing time escape
even if when you’re i’m we’re arrested
shot disappeared buried rotting in open graves
the last final closing time escape
from the grid well if you still have
the desire the courage to get off the grid
or the awareness even of what the fuck
the grid is the only way left now
to get off the grid and well you’ve
dug deep enough to become fearless
enough to face to embrace your own
inevitable death well the last final only
escape from the grid is right here right now
in the completely naked open honest
last stand thought word heart soul action
creative spiritual high noon blazing desert
sun turquoise sky no more hiding escaping
and i mean no more hiding escaping to
anywhere no in any i said anywhere
on this terribly beautiful green mother
luna moth mother earth the greed powermongers
their satellites and their giant computers know
exactly where i you we are they know
whatever they think they need and want to know
they trust no one not even their mamas and
certainly not themselves so absolutely without
any doubt any equivocation they trust no one
no one especially us us the real people
the real genuine honest open and fucking
proud of it freaks we are the freak party
the freak clan the freak tribe they sure
don’t trust us freaks yes i’m we’re freaks and
damn proud to be they trust no one they are
so far gone they won’t experience redemption
until and after innumerable interminable lifetimes
as less than microscopic pain pus filled
rotting nothingness buried buried for lifetimes
in the heart of saturn’s ass rotting stinking saturned
pieces less than microscopic fragments of saturn’s
assholed upper coloned shit so ladies and gentlemen
all beings visible and invisible seen and unseen the time
has arrived yes closing time is here but well yet well my
heart my intuition tells me wakes me every morning
at 3am to let me know that by choosing love instead
of fear that regardless of what the majority of fear
motivated humans are doing that by fearlessly choosing
despite any and all failures subbornly continuing persevering
choosing love as primary motivator then some of us somehow
will miraculously make it through the darkness this rapidly
increasing intensifying avalanching transition which is only
gonna pick up speed some of us gonna go on make it through
start anew all new some of us have already broken through
started rebirthed anew and let me tell you it feels damn good
i mean real damn good to choose love to live to come out of
whatever closet you’re hiding fearfully hiding in come out and
fearlessly be your self true self be your dream therefore and
so from this moment i mean right now and anybody who even
has an inkling of the beginning of an understanding of time
well you already know that time actually doesn’t i said so-called
time especially gregorian time doesn’t actually exist yet another
brainwashed constantinian gregorian machiavellian machinated
lie lie greed powemonger lie which doesn’t actually exist and even
now this moment fleeting moment is already gone baby gone
coast to coast ghost to ghost and even gone baby way gone way beyond
beyond any and all vanishing points what the hell is reality who
made all these rules who created all these invisible boundaries where
the hell are we why have we murdered over 160 million human beings
children women men babies the elderly the sick in the past century
in one endless bloody greed powermonger too often religious
war ceaseless senseless war after another tell me please tell me why
so what gives you yes you the right to deprive life of all its poetry
its songs poems its rhythmed whirling mysticism its terrible beauty so as
of this nonexistent moment i yes nada nobody i declare that henceforth
and forevermore in the neverforever i declare that i have zero tolerance
for everything i have zero tolerance for proving myself to anyone i pledge
allegiance to only being my ever changing ever evolving non-existent
paradoxically non-existent 3rd dimensional 4th person singular intergalactic
interdimensional true self true honest failure my greatest success recognizing
as i say it that failure is merely yet another learning experience opportunity
to grow my soul grow my guilty of everything self which is nada nothing
you are i am we are nothing nobodies but the temporal ephemeral will of the
wisp auroura(sic) borealis here gone here gone perpetually appearing momentarily
then disappearing even more rapidly vanishing dreamed vapor of hope and love
of honesty and the pathless land of truth at least as much as we can fearlessly
be and what is that well somehow deep inside me a still small voice incessantly
whispers assuring reminding me despite any and all anxiety and despair reminds me to be
to remain hopeful to choose despite my continual so-called failures to choose
relentlessly choose love to be open honest fearless reminds me that i have a pure
honest soft gentle kind huge enlarged heart but yes i have failed continue to fail
time and again at all of the above so many times that despite any and all of my
pure intentions my daily prayers meditations visualizations affirmations i have zero
tolerance zero tolerance for all governments and laws and religions and marriages
and divorces and churches and undertakers and suburbs and malls and status quo
dementia and pollution in all its manifestations including drug tests drug laws sobriety
tests background checks standardized tests seat belts underwear panties schools
pharisees saducees dna enhanced altered foods judgmentalists lobbyists advertisements
all ads including subliminal ads electoral colleges mitch mcconnell rush limbo
neutered gangreennotrich karl notarover the evil empire war flies mosquitoes
self-righteous arrogance elitism mountaintop removers nuclear power plants nuclear
energy suicide bombers death squads the cia fbi nsa kgb oil sheiks
the corporate police banana republic states the world trade organization dictators
invisible and visible injustice in all its horrific manifestations the only government
for me is the government of individual responsibility and helping my friends and neighbors
and practicing hangoutology we are all yes we are all dirty filthy dirty potatoes
floating in the same tub of oil and chemical and raw sewage filled polluted
dead zone water beargrass creek the ohio the mississippi all streams creeks rivers
ponds lakes seas oceans and yes now cetainly the gulf of mexico destroyed and i say
fuck bp and regardless of what the british prime minister and their parasite queen say
in their sweet talking bullshit lies attempting miserably to cover up their international
felonies i say bp should be persecuted what after 790 plus felonies crimes against
the environment against mother earth against all of us including their bp parasite queen
greed powermonger government oil companies retarded idiot selves always paying
enough corrupt assholes off to get off come out squeaky clean go on being more
than lethally mean same as the mountaintop removal coal mine operators
owners continue to do they too should be prosecuted persecuted first degree
multiple felonies forced to face the karmic consequences of their greed
powermonger actions and stopped right now same as bp bp and the british
government and their parasite queen should pay every damn penny
for the already damaged uncleanable cleanup and just as our own
beargrass creek should be rerouted redirected directly into the louisville mayor’s
office until he we stop dumping raw sewage and who knows what else into it and
clean it up restore it to its pristine crystal pure clean natural drinkable state
well every damn drop of oil we’re able to clean up to gather suction syphon up
from the gulf of mexico and its beaches and tributaries every drop should be
loaded onto planes and flown across the atlantic ocean and dumped dropped from
the air directly onto the houses of parliament and all the parasite queens leeched
palaces and onto all bp’s headquarters yes we can only come clean by openly
honestly embracing the consequences of our actions and embracing our pasts
our roots our histories no matter where we come from no matter how we grew up
no matter what’s happened what’s happening to us then and now there comes
a time in all our lives and that time my friends is now right now in this
fleeting moment called now the time has come arrived finally to quit blaming
anybody everybody past present future including yes ourselves for the
facts the events the happenings of our lives and to accept and embrace and take
full responsibility for our thoughts decisions choices actions for what’s
going on right now inside and outside ourselves it’s time for accepting and
embracing facing the reality of each of our selves our own lives and
taking action fearless action to correct our mistakes our lack of
thoughtfullness considerateness mindfullness our selfishness the time has come
for forgiveness for givingness for discerning bighearted mindful wisdom
for loving for compassion not just for our families and friends but for
everyone including ourselves the high time has come at long last
to take it upon ourselves to change what we don’t like about ourselves
to build a bridge one step at a time from where we are to where we want
to be toliving to being our dream what do you want to be more than
anything else i’m not talking about duty bound false responsibility i’m
talking about mindfully compassionately choosing taking the step by step
determined actions building the bridge to what more than anything you want
to be your dream so my dear sweet friends ask dig question everything
everyone including me and especially yourself cause truth really is a pathless
land and we all have to find the fearless stubborn determined persevering
courage to be our real selves to live to be our dreams perseverance be
central to success if i can do it anybody can no matter what never give up
develop your relentless will power regardless of any and all odds obstacles
circumstances dig relentlessly dig into your deepest heart and soul self dig
unceasingly until you arrive until you are you be your dreams so yes
sweet friends and beautiful teacher enemies may all our hearts be filled
with the amazing grace of forgiveness washing away karma so there are no
enemies so yes we’re all dirty potatoes floating in the same tub of filthy
polluted water but we have innumerable options and alternatives like
openheartedly honestly fearlessly with nothing to hide no secrets calling
ourselves and each other by our real names sharing the poems stories songs
events of our lives respecting and honoring our beautiful differences while realizing
that somewhere in all of us we have more in common than different so my dear
sweet friends i choose to come clean to have zero tolerance for all the
phoney ass fearbased lying stealing raping pillaging murdering greed
powermongered brainwashed walmart zombie sleepwalking bullshit
that has brought our terribly beautiful green woman luna moth mother earth
to her knees possibly probably to the soon to arrive well hell the storm has already
started its already here but hopefully regardless of how changes occur even while dying
i we can reach that deep place in ourselves that peaceful pool of tranquility and
forgiving giving having complete peace with each other with all and everything past
present future seen unseen have be complete peace harmony so when we die which
will be any and every fleeting moment now then this gifted lifetime will be gone baby
eternal presence yes but gone baby gone even while dying i you we can reach a place
in ourselves in ourselves and with each oher so when that time of walking through
one door one room into the next when that happens and it will soon for all of us we all be
born to live born to die so when we die we have nothing nothing but sweet peaceful tolerance in our
open gentle soft kind mindful loving compassionate forgiving giving thankful no longer beating
hearts and yhes even while vanishing we have no complaints only thanks only thanks thanks
thank you thank you for everything thank you

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