bill gainer | five poems

The Death of Forgiveness

I’ve waited
too long
for god
to apologize.

No more…

Louisiana Calling

Send a card when you get there.
I’ll miss you till next time
then after that…

Until then
may all your dreams
need alibis…

Remember me –
…….the last one
…….to say goodbye…

Defending the Innocent

I carry a suicide note
just in case the innocent
need an alibi…

The Legacy of Time

our time
was a

death threat.
The eastern wars

You were
to go.
They gave us
We waited.

To survive
was the game.

After the gamble –
the only thing left
was time.

The future
gives little,
it’s free…

To pass
our prize…

who cares,

The old ones
have their
It’s theirs
to love…

Ours is to know –

is only
as long
as I am.

Confessing to a Suicide

I’ve been practicing the note,
so far
all I can come up with
is –
It was me…

Bill Gainer

contributes to the literary scene as a writer, editor, promoter, publicist and poet. He has read and worked with a wide range of poets and writers, from the emerging to the nationally known. Gainer is a past winner of the San Francisco Beat Museum’s Poetry Contest and the Sacramento News and Review’s Flash Fiction Contest. He currently edits for the Penn Award winning R.L. Crow Publications and hosts Poetry with Legs in Sacramento, California. His latest book is A Note in the Window. Visit him at

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