r.j. looney | sand


There was a place I hung out at
when I was about 13 years old
a Freewill Missionary Baptist Church
where I would be baptized and married
a few short years later

The church had some construction going on
a fellowship hall addition was being built
that whole summer
a vacant concrete slab was there
for the taking

I was a no-shit skater
polyurethane wheels and plastic decks
ruled back then
but I had a fiberglass deck
with a kick ass kick tail

I remember conversations
about Fleetwood Mac and Eddie Money
a horrible waste of my young breath
I remember the wheels of that skateboard
grinding on sand
when you least expected it
sometimes it would stop you in your tracks
other times just piss you off and you’d keep going

Since those days have passed
I’ve been to several weddings and funerals
in that fellowship hall
as soon as I set foot in the building
I think about the sand
that probably still remains
under the indoor/outdoor carpet
and how it tried to stop me
from flying

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