ryan quinn flanagan | the show goes on

The Show Goes On

He’s best friends with the doctor
but the selfish prick
won’t let him die.
This poor man is wasting away.
He looks like a holocaust victim
or something.
He hasn’t eaten in about
three weeks
and the doctor
is denying him morphine
to dull the pain.
Assisted suicide happens everyday.
You give the patient morphine
or demerol or fentanyl
and the respiratory system
begins to slow.
That’s the merciful thing to do
but this selfish prick of a doctor
doesn’t want his friend to die
so the show goes on.
And the wife, what a number
she’s done.
She’s already arranged his funeral
and had to cancel twice.
She sold off all the man’s belongings
and he’s still alive.
He can’t even die in his favourite shirt,
or any of his shirts for that matter.
They were all sold off during
a series of garage sales
she had
while her husband of
fifty years
is slowly starving to death alone
in hospital.
He used to be a marathon runner.
Now his heart won’t give out.
It’s horrifying to watch,
she cries,
truly horrifying!

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