seth howard | airport bus to seoul


It was a ride that seemed to last
A lifetime, I wished it would, each moment
Like gushing water, scenes swept by
Outside, life passing me by, mountains
Rivers, bridges lit by lights, phantasmagoric
Visions fascinate a watery eye

Rising and falling hills unobstructed by
Distance, expanses stretching out, enormous
Cities appear out of nowhere
Then tuck back away, lights calling out in
Darkness, just the way, the words blend
On the radio, signals voicing dreamlike meanings
In the night, the hypnotic rhythm of
Symbolic sound, pulsing awake
Background noise, drifting off

Who can say what’s real anymore
Bridging the gap across time and space
Distance overlapping idle hours, spectacle
Of the mind, forever getting closer
But never quite there, I rest my head back
Close my eyes, sink into my chair

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  1. Seth Howard’s poetry expansive poetry moves us in its imag
    ery and metaphoric magnetism, its rhythmic astonishing
    space to curve and carve out his own space in language.
    BZ Niditch

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