rich quatrone | back in the saddle again


have no idea when i was last here
i’ve been riding in the old west
in the desert
listening to the hawks screeching above
avoiding the vultures surrounding my dead horse
it’s been real hard out here
the liars and cheats and greedmongers
the wolves in suits
the women with long canines
the rich insects setting up nests in weird designs
but i’ve been handling it all
howling out in the night
and in the daytime too
morphing myself by pure heart and will
into some white eagle of rage and spirit
a fierce creature i
no doubt about it
and there are nights with the moon watching
over me when i see it
i do definitely see it
and feel it
and taste it
a god a woman a child an old warrior
floating six inches above the wasteland
and coming for me
yes i know it might even be tonight
it’ll arrive
and carry me away from all this

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  1. Rich Quatrone unsaddles his heart which opens up to handle
    all heavy earthy equipment finding his own worth poetically
    speaking in wonder and imagistic influence.

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