Women are Hungry by Dominique Lowell

Dominique Lowell
Dominique Lowell

Women are Hungry

Women are hungry. They be hoes, They be sittin on
your stoop waiting to drink your beer. Eat Your Food.
Suck vour dick. Women are hungry. They need your
favourite shirt your leather jacket a house and a car
they just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.
And they wanna tell you things. Pretty little things
about the light in your eyes and the feel of your thighs
they wanna shave your balls. Wanna know all your
mastubatory nightmares, about every clit you ever ever
licked every ass you ever eyed so they can slice them
all to ribbons. They’re insatiable. It’s biological.
They just want and want and stretch their yearning arms
at you their insatiable envelopes gawking open mouthed
must have must have must have it you now
need your sperm need your job need space. Need more
impossible paint for another impossible face. Blackened
puple eyes and concrete sharpened nails. Puffy crimson
lips. The beaten look, that’s it. Already been hit.
Well feed me. Feed me beer and cigarettes and dead idols
who make me feel like I might have a reason to die too.
Give me war and Coca-Cola and the promise of another
American Chance. Give me another good song to dance to.
Tell me I’m not fat. Tell me my tits are jewels, my
nipples gumdrops. Tell me we can pay the rent tomorrow.
Tell me we are just like John and Yoko, only I get to
die first o.k.? I get to be the one they light the candles
for in Central Park, o.k.?
Fuck Women. They are such sluttish catfight evile bitches
every one of them. Beware. Beware. They know what they
are doing. Does that scare you? Are you scared?
Women are hungry. Hungry for balance. I been called a
whore so many times I guess I am one. And it’s not you
personally I want anything out of it’s the world. The
world owes me big time. The world leaves me hungry.

Dominique LowellDominique Lowell, acclaimed in the U.S. and Europe, is known to many poets of this decade a “the Janis Joplin of spoken word.” Drawing on a theatrical background and her experiences in the “contemporary urban wasteland,” as she puts it, she performs her works with fury and finesse, leaving audiences ecstatic and exhilarated. She is the author of two books. Pile and Bitch.

Poem and Author’s profile taken from The Outlaw Bible of Amerian Poetry edited by Alan Kaufman and S.A. Griffin.

7 Replies to “Women are Hungry by Dominique Lowell”

  1. Dominique passed away on June 10th of this year. How deeply I find that I miss her presence in my life. I never got to know her family well and only spoke with them briefly, but I’m hoping they are somehow coping with this huge loss. I shall always remember her and treasure her in my heart.

    • Bless you Dominque now a priestess.voice eternal for all the dispossessed who have no one to bring forth their memories.love always dave p. & joie cook in spirit….love always and forever.

      • I will always remember your stellar reading at Brainwash Cafe with Bucky Sinister a read off if there ever was ….and you both went to New York City for the Slams….1997.dave p.red poppy art house.org.sf

  2. A spirit now fully a Spirit. A True Poet passed this way. Here’s to the indomitable Dominique, the love definer. Here’s to life where you find it you find her.

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