Living a Lasting by John D Robinson



“Did you ever expect to
live this long Mr Bukowski?”
“No. I’ve lasted this long”
said Bukowski;
and that was no bullshit;
are two very different things
and how the fuck I’ve lasted
this far puzzles me and pisses-
off a number of people, but,
I have lived and loved
and that has only happened
when you have been
around and in my life
to make it so
and right now, you’re not
around and my life isn’t
its lasting out
until you return
to help it happen.

C_UsersJohnPicturesJohn-D-RJohn D Robinson was born in 63 in the UK; his poems have appeared widely in the small press and online literary journals including; Rusty Truck; Red Fez; Hobo Camp Review; Rats Ass Review; Down In The Dirt; Yellow Mama; Outsider Poetry; Chicago Record; Horror Sleaze and Trash; BoySlut; In Between Hangovers; He is a contributing poet to the 2016, 48th Street Press Broadside Series.

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