Mark Of The Beast by Bruce Michael Foley


Mark Of The Beast

His smile was as lightning
and he spoke with the voice of a thousand
hidden streams rolling over mossy rock,
beyond the border’s of our wasteland
with the killing bears he came and went,
the grizzlies gone rabid, breaking the thin
river ice of Aprils thaw.

Like a barn owl you only see at every full moon
talons dripping the blood of new born lambs, left
for wolf scrap, the lone wolf with a wounded paw.
We mistook him for the rising sun, when all the while
he wore the mask of a harvest moon reflected in our
eyes, eyes gone swollen and dry.

There were those among us who went blind.

We put our faith in him
with the hope of a dying man
wondering if the preacher really told
the truth, when he came to him speaking
of God’s love.

We looked to him
never giving any thought to
what we could find within ourselves, fooled
we stood, hands in our pockets, wearing
the stolen shoes of those we knew to be dying
and others, already dead.

Our children and wives waved good-byes
walking in pairs toward the black forest,
where he had hung a noose on every tree, and
we, we did nothing, because we thought he was

Then night came with screams and cries.

One by one we died, each man
to a grave dug by another, our legacy
of disbelief,

a legacy, of dust and bone.

indexI was born across the bridge from Boston, Massachusetts, in Cambridge, as July 4th fireworks exploded over the Charles River, just a stone’s throw from Harvard University. At age two, my family moved to Somerville, Ma.,where I was raised in a rough blue-collar environment, playing many sports. In 1998 I relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, I work among special needs children and teach martial arts. Poetry began in high school, but took off in a more dedicated way in later years, along with resuming music studies, guitar. My poems are published in various anthologies; including Impressions, Prism, and the Mighty Voices Of Thunder Series, sponsored by the international poetry website, “Allpoetry.” I was a featured poet in Lyrical Somerville February 2015, a Boston based publication, as well as being an “Editor’s Front Page Pick,” for the month of March 2016 on Allpoetry. A defining moment that contributed significantly to further interest in writing was a First Place Award from the International Poetry Fellowship, for my poem, “Among Fields of Cotton.” Presently, I am happy to have the opportunity to explore various forms of poetry with Mr. Bruce Isaacson, Poet Laureate of Clark County Nevada.

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  1. Bruce Michael Foley is a Master of many things, words being one of them. I first encountered his writing on a website called ” ” and I read his poetry and stories with great interest and have never been disappointed in what is there to discover. He’s also a pretty amazing human being and a fantastic friend, albeit a distant friend. I wish him much success in the field of publishing and I’m quite sure he will fly high and travel far. – Wanda Lea Brayton, lifelong scholar,”former” librarian and author of “The Echo of What Remains Collected Poems of Wanda Lea Brayton”

  2. Wanda is too kind, and as writers go, a tough act to follow. A brilliant mind is hers, along with a huge heart full of love. I am indebted to Wanda for her continued support and inspiration. As friends go, she is one I call on most gratefully. As a poet, she is amazing. With good reason, Wanda is admired and sought out as a mentor to both the beginner and the well advanced. Wanda has continued to play a strong role in my own personal interest in writing. Indeed, she continues to be an invaluable friend and spiritual companion. One true lady, who makes this journey much smoother for having joined the ride.

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