On two elections … by D.A. Pratt


On two elections …

In 2015 Canada voted to jettison a government
dominated by a prime minister whose name
is not ever to be spoken in my presence … the new
Prime Minister and those around him better reflect
the soul of the country (if I may use this term) …

In 2016 the United States of America voted
to evict one political party from the White House
if I can put it this way … what really disturbs me
about this particular election is the thought
that neither the Democrats or the Republicans
appeared interested in the soul of their country …

The genuine sigh of relief that went across the land
after the 2015 federal election in Canada
reflects the idea that the country still has a soul
(if I may continue to use this type of phrase) …
however, as 2016 comes to a joyless conclusion,
I’m beginning to wonder if the United States
still has a soul (maybe we cannot use this term) …
what’s to be written?

As a fellow North American
the whole damn thing saddens me …
actually it depresses me –
that’s what’s to be written …

daveD.A. (David) Pratt considers himself an outsider within the society he has lived throughout his existence. He maintained an under-the-table interest in reading and writing while working for far too long for the Government of Saskatchewan in the field of taxation policy. After leaving that world, some of his poetry has begun to appear both in print and online.

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