Burgeoning stupidity by D.A. Pratt

Burgeoning stupidity …

burgeoning stupidity
burgeoning stupidity
it’s everywhere one looks —
it’s easy to see
in the United States of America
a flawed democracy to be sure
but it’s ever-present too
in places like Saskatchewan
to where not one of my alter egos
would want to willingly wander …
what’s to be written?
What’s to be done?
Protest in some way
is what I want to say!

daveD.A. (David) Pratt “continues to continue” in a comfortably conventional community in Canada … he is genuinely concerned about the burgeoning stupidity that seems to be virtually everywhere …

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  1. Hi David– I agree with your thoughts in this real poem. We here at The American Poetry Theater took up our part three years ago when we were founded. Just imagine if every town, every community, started a small theater that took up the important issues of our day? And if not a theater company, then let the poets start reading in the streets, on boardwalks, in coffee houses, on corners, regularly. Let them pour out their concerns. Let us wake up and connect. What it means to be alive and conscious is always the issue.

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