Bloodrose by L.J. DeVries


Nightpath forbidden
Rebirth of the original morning light
Amongst undergrowth
Akin to our unbeing
Breathes out
A disdain for the human soul
Nightpath forbidden
Daylight has ripened
Amongst the undergrowth
Warm blood seeks
For a path through trampled soil
Equal stormclouds impending
Most horrid violence
Hovers in the air
Akin to our unbeing grown kindred beast
Howls an upset song
About bloodthirst and greed
Two birds sing aloft
Of the cleansing couple spirit and light
Vigilant now
Woman and man and foetus
For any apparition of a kindred beast
Vigilant now
Woman and man and foetus
With the bloodrose in your hand
About greed for suffering
A foul smell of evil
Two birds sing
Of the cleansing couple spirit and light
At inconvenient height

LubbertJan DeVries. Spawned in 1963 (Quatrebras, Friesland, Holland) but no ‘ flowerchild’. More punkrockmetal. So intense that music is the source Tony Moffeit points out as necessary to become an outlaw poet. A source next to Whitman, Ginsberg and Micheline. And the devil. Writes not academic, not learned and not conform about what is going on and going down. About the next layer. Sometimes to frighten. Sometimes full of it. Who cares. To conclude a snippet about language. With a ‘frisian’ mother tongue (a minority language from the North of the Netherlands) writing is done first in the ‘frisian’ language and (sometimes) published via a frisian literary magazine; and then translated into english. At the same time deconstructed and reconstructed the poem shoots off into a new dimension i.e. new universe as Moffeit calls it. Right….so long you bums !

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