Petri Dish World by James Dennis Casey IV​

Petri Dish World

Living under a microscope
In a petri dish world
Full of human music blues and
Dirty Harry amoebas
That vengefully destroy
All rational thought

Spinning tales of the stoned
From can to can’t
And basket case lies
About reflections
Of a floating world

We’re all the stars
Of our own movies
Eating frustration sandwiches
Made of the great
American death rattle
That kill all the extras
With untold truths

Stuck here
Somewhere over the rainbow
In a mad scientist’s laboratory
The three futures
That could have been
Have come and gone
Down the guilt party waterslide
And Google is our new God

James D. Casey IV is a published author of two poetry books, and is working on his third that is expected to be published within the next few months. Mr. Casey’s writings have been published in international e-zine’s and on several websites. Poetry Life & Times, Artvilla, Realistic Poetry International, and Poetry Super Highway have him listed in their poet archives. You can find links to his books, social network profiles, and other projects on his website by clicking here…

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