Sloth by Petros Papadopoulos


How can I work with a sloth?
The slowest sloth,
of all the sloths!

Some days, frustration
other days, damnation
and the rest of the days anticipation…

When you have deadlines to meet
you know for sure
it will feel like sh*t!

You hope that your nerves will not break
when the sloth has
long-lunch breaks!

But after a hard day’s rush
you see its gentle eyes
and all the problems, pass!

Petros PapadopoulosPetros Papadopoulos is a Greek animator and script writer. His animations have been awarded in a number of festivals including the Drama Film Festival in Greece, The Underground Film Festival in New York and the Cyprus International Film Festival.Much more on Petros Papadopoulos can be found by clicking here…

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