Mopeds of The Ocean Haiku / Hungover Haiku / Memories Harvested and Blended like tubs of Gazpacho by Gwil James Thomas

Mopeds of The Ocean Haiku

Bodyboards you are
the mopeds of the ocean –
small, stupid and fun.

Hungover Haiku

Welcomed morning rain
keep me inside, cleanse my mind
like the verdant grass.

Memories Harvested and Blended like tubs of Gazpacho


Ripe, red Andalusian sunsets –
those rich early evenings
spent frolicking
amongst the tomatoes
with rouge scathed skin –
their young bodies
would intertwine
like the tomato vines –
sweetly, tenderly
and quietly.

Memories harvested and blended –
with laughs on the homestretch,
as Hector would declare
his love for Maria,
before they went home
to make Gazpacho.


Years on,
Maria returned to town
and met Hector
with her new husband,
clutching bread
and plastic tubs
of Gazpacho –
they broke bread as
secret smiles were
swapped between
licked lips.

Delicious and
refreshing at first,
then cold
like the depleting
red in the bowl,
a piece of Hector’s heart
was left
in each serving –
nobody could ever
make Gazpacho like Maria.


After Maria and her husband left
Hector found a plastic bag
of tomatoes left behind –
next to the kitchen sink.

Hector’s heart sinking
as he put them in the blender –
watching them turn to mush.

Fuck Gazpacho! Hector thought,
I’m going to make Salmorejo!

And it tasted greater
than he’d ever imagined.

Gwil James Thomas is a spoken word poet, novelist and inept musician originally from Bristol, England. His written work can be found widely in print and also online in places such as 3AM, Empty Mirror and here. His first poetry collection Gwil Vs. Machine was published by Paper & Ink in 2016. His latest poetry collection – Hidden Icons & Secret Menus is a largely food themed collection of previously unpublished poems that will tantalise your pallet, make you heave and leave you hungry for more. It will be published soon via Analog Submission Press to a very limited run, so collector and critic alike – take note. He was also recently selected for contribution in John D Robinson’s sixth Poetry Postcard Series. Gwil currently lives in Northern Spain where he bangs out the odd poem, edits his second novel, drinks cheap beer, eats calamari, does odd jobs and is going to worry about the consequences later. He is part English, part Welsh and part Wolf.

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