Truce by Mark Vanner


Grievances aside, lately
I’ve come to appreciate your finer points ~
The moon cradled in the sky at night
wood smoke on patch work fields
a flower, a tree, a good bottle of red.
But it’s this other shite I can’t abide
death, terrorism, greed, war,
…………………………..Tory party rule
It’s as if you painted a masterpiece
then finger smudged the sky.

Mark VannerMark Vanner lives in the UK. His poetry and short stories have appeared widely since 2003 in publications including, Neon Literary Magazine, Swill Magazine, Pearl Magazine, The South, Poetry Monthly, Zygote In My Coffee, 3:AM, Blackheart Magazine and many more. For more information and news of his latest crimes against literature please visit his website by clicking here…

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