d.a. pratt | an inventor has died …

An inventor has died …

Breaking news from the NY Times:
the inventor of the AK-47 has died …
He was 94 … so I’m willing to bet
that his most creative days
were probably behind him … I wonder if
he ever thought about how many people
were killed by the series of firearms
that the NY Times has described
as the most abundant ever made …
And what about how many lives have been disrupted?
And how many communities destroyed around the world?
Btw, his name was Mikhail T. Kalashnikov –
how many will really remember this?
What people will remember is the name of the gun: the AK-47 …
And here’s another question: how high
were the profits for the all the arms dealers
who made sure his invention
was distributed all over the place?
I wonder if he ever thought about this –
he was a Lieutenant General
in the Soviet military, soooo
somehow I doubt if any of this
mattered to him …

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