ryan quinn flanagan | my ego seen from space

My Ego Seen from Space

I puff out my chest
like a doberman
feel really good about myself
for no reason
at all,
why must there be a reason?
why must there always be
a reason?
I don’t need a reason.
I don’t need any reason.
I don’t need wheel chair access
or plated scallions
Or marmalade
or hopscotch
or hedge
I am my own man,
my own beleaguered

I look out windows
smell flowers
reinvent the dog

Long mornings of GURD
and many alcoholic

But now
I puff out my chest
like a doberman
in the mirror,
stand erect
like some of that
wood checkered fencing
people position under their decks
so skunks and raccoons
and vagrants
must make other

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